Sweet and Sour Pork - Home Cooking Tips

Sweet and sour pork, featuring for its sweet and sour taste, is liked by many people. The ingredients of this dish is simple, also it is not difficult to cook. However, if you want to cook it at home and get a originate one, you have to know some basic home cooking tips of this dish.


pork fillet (300g), tomato sauce (40g), cooking wine (15g), vinegar (20g), sugar (35g), salt (3g), water starch (30g)

Cooking procedure:

1. Cut the pork fillet into pieces with size of 1.5cm X 4cm.Pickle them with some salt and cooking wine.

2. Put the sugar, vinegar, some water and water starch into a bowl for future.

3. Pour oil(300g) into the wok, then add pork fillets into the wok when the oil temperature reaches up to about 80‚ Remove the pork when it changes into white. Use the shovel pats it to depart the ones sticking with each other.

4. Continue to heat the oil in the wok. When the oil temperature reaches up to 90, put the prepared fillets into the wok again and fried them until they become golden color. Remove them from the wok for future use.

5. Put some oil in the wok, when it reaches up to 70 add the tomato sauce into them. Stir fry them until the red oil comes out of tomato sauce. Pour the prepared sauce in step 2 into wok. Add the prepared pork fillets into them when the sauce becomes thick and bright red. Stir-fry the mixture quickly until the fillets are coated with sauce evenly.


1. Repeat frying in step 3 and 4 is the key for crispy outside, tender inside, so this step cannot be ignored.

2. Another important factor is the ratio of sugar and salt. Please find the proper ration according to your own taste.

3. After the sauce becomes thick, you must quickly stir fry the fillets.

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