Top 5 Cooking Tips For Pasta

Pasta can be a very quick and simple dish to whip together for a meal. It is especially easy to cook in high volumes and therefore perfect for feeding a large group of people. Though cooking pasta is generally a fairly fun, simple and straight forward task, there are a few pasta cooking tips which can help even the most decorated pasta veteran to improve their dishes.

The water in which the pasta is cooked can greatly impact the way the dish turns out. Make sure there is enough water in your pot because cooking pasta in too little water can cause it to stick together. If you are afraid this may be the case, add a tablespoon of oil to help eliminate sticking.

Adding salt to the water can also help with firmness and bring out the natural flavor.

Fresh pasta is a bit of a different ball game than processed pasta. Remember that when cooking pasta that is made fresh, it tends to cook quicker, so be sure to keep an eye on it. Test it frequently to ensure that it does not overcook. Do not cover the pot while the pasta is cooking as this will cause it to overcook.

To ensure that the pasta is as fresh as possible when it reaches the table, it is a good idea to serve it in a warm bowl because pasta cools very quickly. The best way to do this is by placing a bowl under the colander where the pasta is drained. After the bowl is emptied of water it can be filled with pasta and served fresh.

Though it is a simple dish to prepare, there are a few pasta cooking tips which can cause a dish to go above and beyond. Pasta can be used in a variety of dishes and making sure that it is cooked perfectly goes a long way towards creating a delicious meal. Following these simple pasta tips can help to make a dish spectacular.